Streamline everyday work for teams


Turn chaos into clarity

Whether your team has a bunch of simple move, add, changes or one complex security breakdown. Align&Conquer™ to get everyone on the same page.

Simple to Complex

For small teams, large teams, and between teams kinops allows you to easily see:

  • What needs to be worked
  • Who's working it
  • Status of processes

With kinops your team can confidently handle many issues, from the simple to complex.

Queue imac

Seamlessly coordinate Unstructured and Structured Work

Unstructured Work

Unplanned, unknown work requires a flexible way to capture new requests.


Once the request is registered, your team needs a way to talk it over.


Once "next steps" have been identified. Your teams need a flexible way to assign work, get approvals and track progress.


Once unstructured work is fulfilled, you need a way to review what was done and repeat it again later.


Structured Work

Known work needs simple forms for customers and powerful forms for your team.


Once forms are submitted, customers want insight to progress. And your teams wants visibility into prioritization, what's next and who's got what.


This also requires world class workflow automation. Thus; structured work.


Our Philosophy

We’ve been doing this for over 18 years and have learned a thing or two on what works and what does not. kinops incorporates these lessons to fast track your success.

  1. Flexibility is key. kinops is designed to be open to future change, if you have a better process in the future - just clone the current form and process, modify the new one - and go.
  2. Start now and improve as you go. kinops is designed to get started today. Instead of a paralyzing project that takes years to see results, start now. Iterate tomorrow.
  3. Evolution not Revolution. It is better to add some capability to an existing system than it is to full on replace it. Let kinops add some new helpful processes to your current work.
  4. Grows with your company. kinops’ automation and routing engine allows you take on millions requests at once, and nobody has to wait. Ever. Period. You might not have this many requests today, but who knows?
  5. Future-Proof. kinops’ workflow engine is ready to integrate with things that don’t even exist yet! API-first design means we talk all modern integration types, and we’ve got a bunch you can download free already built for you.
  6. Accessible from anywhere (on any device). kinops’ responsive design means you only need to build once. We take care of the rest.

A few final words + thank you


A note from our founder

Dear you,

If you work on a team, you know what needs to change. Work isn’t easy. We know your struggles. We built kinops to fix them.

We built kinops because we needed what you need: a system to connect “need” to “done”. To easily start business processes and get work finished.

We knew it had to be easy to use, manage and evolve with your team. It is easy to get confused and distracted - giving everyone a single place to start helps to get the ball rolling.

We’ve built business process software before, and it was successful. We wanted to bring our lessons learned with the Fortune 500 to the average company. We are doing that with kinops.

We’re fully comitted to making kinops better every day. We’ve been in the business for 18 years, and we’ve been profitable since year one. We’re here for the long haul.

We’d love to you to give kinops a try. We are pretty sure you will love it too. If you have any questions, or there’s anything we can do to help make you successful, please get in touch. Thank you!

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John Sundberg, kinops CEO

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