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Home starts it off. Use home to get an overview of all your conversations across the entire kinops space. Also use navigation to go the different Kapps (Teams, Queue, Services)

  1. Recent Discussions - Keep up with task, approval, request and team discussions.
  2. Add Message - Add your contibution to discussion without leaving this screen.
  3. Navigation - Get to work quickly.
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Queue is the workorder system. Select the team you want to work in, then you will get a list of the tasks that are due, overdue, and due today. Below - you can find out who on your team is on-line and available to assist.

  1. Responsive - work on any device, anywhere at the same speed as a desktop.
  2. Teamwork - see what needs to be worked quickly with "Unassigned" work.
  3. My work - see what's on your plate, by due date, by order received or however you want.
Queueview macbook

Queue - Structured AND Unstructured Work

Queue gives you the ability to create ad hoc work from scratch.

  1. Ad hoc Tasks - assign work
  2. Case - create a parent record for ad hoc tasks
  3. War Room - start a discussion about anything - invite anyone
Queueadhoc macbook

Queue - Present Work in Context

Organized and assigned work is great, but what if the todo list also had the thing you had to do on it?

  1. Waste 0 time.
  2. Give workers exactly what they need.
  3. Integrate with most modern applications.

Queue - Discussion

Some workorders require more people interacting or getting involved. Queue allows for discussions by pressing the "Discuss It" button.

  1. Invite anyone. No license or account needed.
  2. Add files, replies or tags to any discussion.
  3. Discussions stay top-of-mind since they are on kinops home.
Queuediscussion ipad

Queue - Work It!

Simply work tickets - purposeful tickets.

  1. Embed the work directly into the task.
  2. Work flows smoothly with
    • Grab work quickly
    • Discussions
    • Deviate from standard process with adhoc tasks and approvals
Workit macbook


Visiblity to membership, currently active tasks, services offered and a discussion platform for team members.

  1. Team discussion is great for announcements, ideas and collaboration.
  2. Easily request new teams with pre-built workflow
Teams macbook

Teams - Detail

Visiblity into

  1. Membership
  2. Portfolio of Services
  3. And for members of this team:
    • Currently active tasks
    • Team discussions
Teamdetail macbook


Services is a clean easy to use "store" for requests.

  1. Search
  2. Browse
  3. Request services
  4. Check the status of Requests
Portalhome macbook

Service Request

Here's a simple form for a very complex request.

  1. Drag and drop form builder
Servicerequest iphone

Service Status

Real-time service status is easily visible with a graphical timeline.

  1. Add Comments
  2. Clone as Draft
  3. Review and Update
Servicerequeststatus macbook